• At Rismans, relationships and reputations matter.

    That's why we're interested in getting to know you and your business. The Rismans process guarantees that we're constantly learning about your unique information management needs. From start to finish we help our clients evaluate and improve their information management practices. We'll work closely with you to gain an understanding of your current methodologies, business practices and cultural requirements. Then in collaboration with your team and service providers, we'll build a solution that includes business process and technological enhancements.

  • "We developed our professional services from over 15 years of combined experience across different industries including technology, insurance, retail and hospitality. We've worked with top executives and their teams, and have a passion for helping businesses reach their goals."
    - Andrew Slowik, Principal

Let's talk more

Our professional services make it easy to get the most out of your new information management tools.

  • Evaluation of information management practices

    It's our belief that software isn't the only factor in reaching your information management goals. We'll work with you to evaluate your current methodology and identify strategic areas for improvement.

  • Premium Allocation Methodology

    Leverage our extensive experience building sophisticated premium allocation models. We can help you improve your existing allocations, build new ones using any number of factors, all while increasing the accuracy and transparency of your allocation methodology.

  • Implementation Services

    We'll work with you to ensure that all key features, customizations, and software/service provider intregrations exceed your requirements and expectations.

  • Business process re-engineering

    In addition to evaluation of your information management practices, we'll work with you to design and implement new processes to enhance your efficiency and increase the accuracy of your data.

  • Product training and support

    We'll review the system in detail with your team and have them ready for launch. We'll also design a support package to give you all the ongoing assistance that you need.