The power of custom, the ease of configuration

We recognize that every organization is unique and that offering well designed features, configuration, and control to our clients will provide the best solution. We believe information management tools should save time, improve accuracy and give you complete control over your data and processes. We want you be able to capture everything, perform complex calculations and analysis, and share seamlessly.

Your information management platform

Our integrated portfolio of products is a complete information management platform. Combined, they provide comprehensive information management and distribution capabilities that centralize collection, processing and distribution of information, while being completely customizable to your business and processes.

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IM Core

  • Simplify the collection, analysis and distribution of your information in a single, powerful platform.

    IM Core centrally manages all of your information. It can collect everything, exactly how you want it.

    Our configurability allows for rapid development of client defined data structures, enabling us to tailor the modules to meet your information management needs.

    We'll work with you to customize IM Core to meet your current and future needs.

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  • IM Core allows you to
    • Capture data easily using a browser or mobile device
    • Easily identify important data elements, KPIs and trends to ensure that key stakeholders are kept up to date
    • Store data in a centralized location easily accessible in the Cloud
    • Ensure the completeness and accuracy of data using built-in validation tools and reports
    • Automate data entry by directly interfacing with your business systems (ERP, Payroll, etc.)
    • Empower your teams to maintain and update their data
    • Increase compliance through built-in monitoring, authorization and change tracking controls
    • Automate processes such as data collection including electronic data feeds to and from your any of your business partners


  • Allocator is a sophisticated, fully customizabile tool that makes premium allocation a breeze.

    Allocator gives you the ability to perform complex premium allocation calculations among numerous risk factors. We've designed our product in a way that allows you to have complete control over the method used to calculate premiums and our system makes it simple to do more with your results, such as custom reporting or generating invoices.

    For complex and specialized allocation methodologies, we work with you to customize and configure Allocator to your needs.

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  • Allocator provides you with the tools to build your premium allocations in a flash
    • Use factors such as property value, revenue, payroll, vehicle counts and claims history to equitably calculate total cost of risk on a per participant basis
    • Distinct allocation methodologies per layer
    • Simplify the process of post-allocation tax calculations
    • Perform detailed tax calculations by region, layer and carrier
    • Expedite the allocation process through direct integration to data stored in RMIS Core and data import functionality from other RMIS and company systems
    • Increase compliance through built-in monitoring, authorization and change tracking controls